Butterfield Overland
Gravel Grinder Fun Ride

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Route

On Sunday morning, gravel grinders will meet up at a start line at Shakespeare Ghost Town on Shakespeare Road off County Road 494, about 2.5 miles south of Lordsburg, NM. The 25-mile route passes through another ghost town called Valedon and meets up with the tracks of the historic Butterfield Overland Stagecoach route before passing the site of a WWII Japanese prisoner-of-war camp. It descends then into mountain-ringed open range dotted by the playas characteristic of a high desert that doesn't drain into any river. It's big-sky cattle country where the deer and the antelope play, no joke. Appropriate bikes are strongly advised!

Butterfield Overlander Route

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Ride with GPS

Turn-by-Turn Directions:

  1. Start at Shakespeare Ghost Town. Head southeast on Ghost Town Road.
  2. Mile 0.2 — Head southeast on the ghost town access road and turn right (south) on the road that accesses Valedon. Head south through Valedon.
  3. Mile 1 — In Valedon mining area, turn left (south, southeast) toward Banner Mine Road 494.
  4. Mile 1.5 — Continue south, southwest (slight right) on Banner Mine Road, 494.
  5. Mile 1.9 — Turn left (due south) on small dirt road toward Lady Mary Mine. Stay on that road until 2.7 miles.
  6. Mile 2.7 — Keep left (due south) at the fork toward Ruth Mine and Aberdeen Draw. Stay on that road until mile 4.
  7. Mile 4 — Turn left (north, northeast) on Animas Road.
  8. Mile 5.1 — Turn right (east) off Animas Road onto Searle Ranch Road (with green metal gate).
  9. Continue on Searle Ranch Road until mile 6.2, turn left (north, northeast) at the corrals.
  10. Continue north until mile 7.0.
  11. Mile 7.0 — Turn right (east) at the fork. Continue east until mile 9.7.
  12. Mile 9.7 — Turn right (south) on Pyramid Shadows Road.
  13. Mile 10.5 — Turn right (south) on Circiling Hawk Road and follow it around until it ties back into Pyramid Shadows Road at about mile 13. Continue on the loop.
  14. Mile 16.8 — Turn left (west) on the dirt road you came in on (B003). Retrace your route in on this road.
  15. Mile 19.7 — Turn left (south, southwest) at the fork, back toward the corrals.
  16. Mile 20.4 — Turn right (west) at the corrals. Continue west until Animas Road.
  17. Mile 21.4 — Turn right (north) onto Animas Road. Head north on Animas Road.
  18. Mile 24.5 — Turn left (west) onto dirt road. Continue west until Banner Mine Road, 494.
  19. Mile 25 — Jog right (north) on Banner Mine Road to Ghost Town Road. Turn left onto Ghost Town Road.
  20. Take Ghost Town Road back to finish at Shakespeare Ghost Town.